Free Downloads

My daughter and I have been having fun making practice charts, games, and other learning ideas for the studio. Check back here as I will be adding more of these free downloads in the future! These are free for teachers and parents to print, copy, and use. Click the links to download as PDF files. Enjoy!


Bread Practice Chart — for those of you who use the metaphor “Bread” to describe the first and last parts of Twinkle (AAEE11E, 332211A) — this chart really helped my kids, they love coloring in a bread each time they are successful!


Twenty Best Twinkles — for students who are starting to play Twinkle all the way through. I like to designate special “twinkle stickers” that you can only earn by playing Twinkle and then use them for this chart. It worked wonders for my 4 year old who resisted playing Twinkle.

Book One

Song of the Wind Down Bow Circles — I got the idea for this practice chart when I read about having students do different sized down bow circles (i.e. watermelon, orange, grape) on the Teach Suzuki blog. See the link here for more great information.

For Everyone

The Happy Squirrel Practice Sheet — This is a practice sheet for the fun group song “The Happy Squirrel” which was composed by German Suzuki teacher Kerstin Wartberg. (The music is available to download free here). It is such a fun song and can be played with a group of different levels from beginners to advanced.

Play By Ear Practice Chart — My daughter Kali and I came up with this chart because she finds it difficult at times to play “by ear” or from memory without looking at the music. So we put little stickers on this chart each time she can play through a difficult piece without using the music. This fun chart of ears could be used at any level in different ways.

Bits and Pieces — This worksheet is inspired by Paula Bird’s Bits and Pieces concept where parents/teachers help the student pick out their top 10 trickiest spots and practice these areas repetitively for great results!

Violin Goals Yearly Essay — My daughter Kali came up with this idea. At the beginning of each school year have the student write an essay about their violin goals for the year. Younger children can write a sentence or two and draw a picture, older kids can add more pages to the essay. These would be great to look back on over the years!